Coping with Alopecia Areata

Coping with Alopecia Areata can be a life changing experience. Many found that having Alopecia Areata is tougher to deal with than having a serious medical condition such as cancer or even losing a limb. This disease has such deep effect into a person, since it is a condition that has been least understood by the public. As a result the way a patient is looked at and inconsiderate remarks may affect them emotionally. Those experiencing Alopecia Areata Totalis and Universalis are faced with this situation to a far greater extend. Alopecia Areata affects an individual psychologically rather than physically. Sometimes these unpleasant experiences come from very close family members too. Experiencing multitude of emotions ranging from fear, sadness, anger and loneliness the person will have tendency to apprehend himself or herself socially. This behaviour might be practiced among close family, friends and life partners.

Similar feeling may also be felt by those around the person. Feeling ashamed to be associated to someone with a different physical appearance and attracting unwanted attention. In some instances parents of Alopecia Areata kids are consumed by their guilty feeling, that they might have genetically inherited this autoimmune disease to their child. It builds up further into frustration of not being able to stop the disease and help their child to recover. It may also constantly cause a fear of this disease developing into some much serious and detrimental.

Although this disease will cause an undesirable appearance, the constant attention and inconsiderate remarks made by others is much traumatic. It creates an impression that the person must be suffering from some dangerous disease thus resulting in a social isolation. Although the disease is medically benign and non-contagious, those without much knowledge would opt to stay away from the person leading to a mental vulnerability.

The main obstacle to overcome when suffering from Alopecia Aareata has to be the lack of knowledge among people around them. A minor change in the society's mind set in accepting this medical condition may help in coping with this autoimmune disease. As such an Alopecia Areata patient should acquire knowledge and understand this disease and educating others especially those close and loved ones. It could make a huge difference in coping with this disease. This will lead to a knowledge dissemination which in turn will help others facing Alopecia Areata too.

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