Medical expenses tax deduction

About Medical expenses for tax deduction

Medical expenses are one of the biggest components of year-end tax adjustment. The year-end tax refund can vary greatly depending on the size of the medical expenses because it is directly deducted from the income tax, which requires more than a certain amount of medical expenses include bald hair medical fee.

In particular, medical expenses are the only year-end tax adjustment items that can receive credit card deductions and duplicate deductions for the entire deduction target. You get a credit card income tax credit and a medical tax credit as an expense.

You can’t go to the hospital on purpose to get your taxes back, but you’d better pay attention to the tax refund if you’re being treated. If you have a sick dependant in your family, it’s also a way to reduce the burden of medical expenses.

Expenses for medical examination, medical treatment, treatment, surgery, and hospitalization

The hospital fee covers all expenses spent on medical institutions under Article 3 of the Medical Service Act. This includes general hospitals, hospitals, dentists, oriental medicine hospitals, nursing hospitals, dentists, oriental medicine clinics, and midwife hospitals. Medical expenses are deducted from these institutions, including medical examinations, medical treatment, medical treatment, and hospital expenses.

However, the cost of plastic surgery for beauty is not subject to deduction. The cost of receiving care and issuing a medical certificate will also be excluded from the deduction.

But the cost of LASIK and LASEK surgery for vision correction is deducted. Dental scaling is also included in the medical fee deduction because it is for the prevention and treatment of cavities. For orthodontic orthodontics, the deduction is made only if there is a certificate of copyright disorder (mysterious disorder) to distinguish it from beauty purposes.

Glasses and contact lenses

The cost of purchasing glasses and contact lenses is also included in the medical fee deduction. Including yourself, each person eligible for basic deduction is eligible for a deduction of up to 500,000 won per year. Even if you fill 500,000 won with the worker’s own glasses, you can get additional deductions for contact lenses from dependents’ contact lenses.

Glasses and contact lenses are the biggest criteria for eye correction or not. Therefore, all glasses and contact lenses with prescription are subject to deduction. If you have a prescription, circle lenses and sunglasses are subject to deduction. Conversely, circle lenses or sunglasses without prescription are not the target. The same goes for buying and using frames only for appearance.

dentures and implants

The cost of purchasing or renting a medical device can also be tax-deductible. Purchases of wheelchairs, crutches, dentures, prosthetics, and implants can also be deducted.

However, dental expenses for orthodontic orthodontics are basically included in medical expenses for beauty purposes, so if you have a writing disorder (a chewing disorder), you must get a medical certificate to include it in the medical expense deduction.

How to save tax

How To Find The Best Tax Consultant.

When it comes to preparing the tax portfolio, most people need the help of tax consultants. Though revenue consultancy has flourished in many areas, there is still the need for good tax consultants who can genuinely help you. Before going for a tax consultant, you need to consider a few things to ensure that you go to the right consultant. A well trained and knowledgeable consultant can help you a lot in finding the scope of wealth generation in your tax portfolio. Here are some tips that will be of good use in choosing the right tax accountant 지텍스 세무사.

Why do you need a tax accountant:

Before you visit a tax accountant, you should make sure what exactly you want the professional to do for you. Finding a revenue expert can be necessary because of many reasons.

Preparation of the tax portfolio needs an understanding of the tax regulations accuracy of assessing calculation rises when professionals. You do it need specialised advice in complex assess situations. You always want to minimize your return and professionals can help you a lot for crucial tax problems you need professional help to do the formalities you are too busy in your job or business to invest time in revenue enhancement preparation


Finding the right tax consultant:

Take the feedback of respected clients before going to a revenue expert. Ask for the opinion of family members, business partners or colleagues about the taxation service provided by a professional in your locality. Be cautious of the consultant who makes big promises and shows you loads of opportunities to assess savings. Such promises are best avoided because there is a limit to tax savings, and you should not respond to unrealistic promises. Look to the credentials of the tax accountant before using his advice. The degrees and also professional skills matter a lot in deciding the competency of a tax professional. Take note of whether the person specializes in your area of taxes(부산 세무사).


Queries you should put to a tax accountant:

Queries make your choices right. Having the correct queries can ensure that the professionals you take help from are equipped and offer you updated auditing service. You can ask the following questions to a assess accountant

Tax accountants have a different degree of specialization and capacity. It is quite hard to find a good revenue consultant, but with the proper approach, you can find one. If the professional has the right credentials and degrees, he can manage your revenue enhancement preparation properly. Find out any discrepancies in his profile that may signal an unprofessional approach. Revenue preparation is a systematic process that needs to be done efficiently. You have to choose the best professional to get maximum benefits.

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