What makes you spot bald?

Main Factors

Smoking can damage the DNA of hair follicles, and hair loss can be exacerbated by the smoke itself. Also, dust and sebum on hair can block pores and worsen hair loss.

Ultraviolet light is also the main cause of hair loss, and the hot and humid weather in summer also exacerbates hair loss symptoms. This is because excessive sweat and sebum secretion make pores dirty and inflamed. As the scalp heats up red in the sun, it itches, and the size of the pores widens also affects. Another reason is that he takes several showers because he sweated a lot.

If you wash your hair too often with shampoo, your scalp can become sensitive and dry, which can lead to hair loss. Salty seawater and disinfectants in swimming pools also worsen hair loss in the summer. Hair essence, oil, and styling products applied to hair can melt in ultraviolet light and remain on the scalp, which can harm scalp health.

Shape of bald

It can be divided into male hair loss and female hair loss, tissue hair loss, circular hair loss and M-shaped hair loss. Male hair loss refers to the symptoms of hair loss as it becomes thinner and thinner due to the effects of DHT (male hormone) hormone. Depending on the shape of the hair falling out due to the symptoms of slowly falling out, rather than being eliminated at once, it is divided into O-type or M-shaped hair loss, and the hair falls out from the top of the head to the front.

When male hair loss occurs in women due to heredity, it is called female hair loss. It is usually characterized by thinning and shrinking hair around the top of the head as the forehead line of the front hair is maintained, and few bald heads fall out completely like men. Recycle hair loss is caused by childbirth, excessive stress, and rapid weight loss. The places where hair falls out are not clearly distinguished, and when combing or washing hair, it seems to fall out a lot.

Circular hair loss is a symptom of hair loss in a circular shape, which is a kind of skin disease-like condition that appears locally unlike other hair loss symptoms. This hair loss is a condition in which one’s immune cells cause immune inflammatory reactions to the hair, resulting in hair loss.

how to Prevent bald?

Deteriorating factors such as eating habits, improving hair care habits, stress, alcohol and tobacco can be blocked. Food should be taken evenly with foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, and should not be on an excessive diet

Along with hair loss treatment, diet is also important. It is recommended to avoid animal oil and sugar, which can increase the blood concentration of male hormones, and to take vegetable protein.

Protein-rich soybeans effectively supply the nutrients needed for hair, helping prevent hair loss and hair growth. Seaweed and kelp, which are rich in iodine, are also recommended because they promote the secretion of thyroid hormone that helps hair growth.Red ginseng increases the density and thickness of hair and helps hair growth.

Above all, quitting smoking and quitting drinking are essential. This is because the tar and nicotine in tobacco may interfere with the hair roots and may not be able to supply enough blood, and aldehyde produced in the liver due to excessive drinking reduces the oxygen and nutrients that will be delivered to the pores when entering the blood. Sufficient sleep is required to produce a vigorous amount of hair-producing hormones.

Sleeping seven to eight hours a day is considered a must to prevent hair loss. It is also helpful to avoid greasy food and to take care of your hair through a pack. In addition, experts recommend changing irregular eating habits and eating foods that are good for hair loss.

Also, dust and sebum on hair can block pores and worsen hair loss, so it is recommended to wash your hair right after going out. In addition, chemical ingredients can irritate the scalp when washing hair, so do not leave it foaming for a long time, and it is important to dry it with a fan or dryer after washing your hair. The head must be washed every day to remove any foreign substances from the scalp. Washing once a day is good because washing in the evening can get rid of the dust accumulated during the day.


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