Alopecia Areata Totalis

Alopecia Totalis refers to total hair loss all around the scalp. Again the surface looks as though its been clean shaven although hair follicles are intact but inactive.

Alopecia Totalis is another variant of Alopecia Areata that causes the scalp to loose all of its hair. This type of Alopecia Areata proves to be one of the most advanced level. It is a point where recovery becomes almost impossible considering that the membrane that covers the follicles is much thicker.

Alopecia Totalis normally takes more than a year to develop from the beginning of Alopecia Monolocaluris. The process occurs in two ways, the first is development from a single spot (Alopecia Monolocaluris) to multiple spots (Alopecia Multilocaluris) on the scalp that later merge and become large enough to cover the whole head. Secondly there are cases in which the patient would experience a sudden lost of hair all throughout their scalp. Losing hair almost instantaneously the whole scalp becomes bare and visible. Without any other way to cover the scalp it becomes apparent and can not be hidden.

"When I was first introduced to this treatment, I felt unsure. I was proven wrong this time. The spots is completely filled with hair. Keep up the good work."

Irene Kwang, Singapore

At this point many will be in a state of confusion over the condition that has struck them. Some will even fall in to a state depression. Others who are capable controlling these emotions would embark in fighting the condition through various treatment options available to them. Although it is an impossible action, there have been cases reported to have recovered from Alopecia Totalis through proper treatment at an early stage. Although recovery takes longer than those with Alopecia Monolocaluris or Alopecia Multilocaluris, it is possible to fully recover.

Image result for alopecia areata totalisWith a fraction of Alopecia Areata sufferers ending with Alopecia Totalis and Universalis, the effects can be devastating. The physical effects that are very obvious combined with a psychological trauma that follows can drive the patient into a total self isolation. This includes staying out of all family gatherings and away from social networks. It can go up to the extent of losing loved ones and causing separation among couples or life partners.

The others sufferers of Alopecia Totalis have had to opt for a different measure through hiding the disease under their wig. Various wigs are used, however all has proven to cause discomfort and inconvenience. Although the wigs had been a very strong component in the history of hair, it has been playing the role as enhancement of the existing hair but not as a replacement as a whole. The current technology has provided a few improvements in wigs. Some of it had became comfortable and reliable.

However advanced the technology might be, the best to overcome Alopecia Areata would still be growing the hair back through naturally through proper treatments. The confidence and comfort of having a normal hair can never be substituted. It is still vital that a proper treatment be administered in timely manner in an effort to recover the hair that had been lost.


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