Alopecia Areata Universalis

Alopecia Universalis appears similar as Alopecia Totalis, however when closely examined the patient is subjected to losing hair all throughout the bodyr. This includes eyebrows, pubic hair, nasal hair and others. Although not obvious the patient would feel the difference not having in most vital parts of the body and the need to adjust of losing the natural protective shield.

Alopecia Universalis is by far the least to be recorded but is the toughest to recover from. It causes a very unusual look on an individual, otherwise the person will be perfectly healthy. The fundamental cause is our own immune system attacking the hair follicles. In Alopecia Universalis the immune system attacks every hair follicle throughout the body. Apart from inactivating the follicles, the shaft through which hair emerges to the surface of skin is covered by a membrane. In Alopecia Universalis the membrane is thick causing treatment efficacy to be minimal.

Alopecia Universalis also exposes a person to various discomforts. These discomforts are as result to losing the body function to protect the body from blocking dust and unwanted materials entering it. An obvious example will be nasal hair which helps to prevent dust and other particles entering our breathing system. Due to the lost of such function the patient will be subject to frequent throat irritation and allergic reactions. Another important function that would be compromised is our eyebrow which blocks irritants and dusts away from our eyes. These will result to frequent eye irritation.

However the major affect will be the physical and psychological. Noticeably the confidence level in the person would fall tremendously. Beyond all this, they become more conscious of their physical appearance. There have been people who have had the opportunity to explain this condition to people close to them. However it will impossible explain about the medical condition they are experiencing  to everyone that they meet. Going through the stages from Alopecia Monolocularis to Alopecia Multilocularis and finally ending up with Alopecia Universalis has developed the knowledge and strength in them. They become stronger and capable of facing comments and criticisms from others. Meanwhile those who had directly been affected by Alopecia Unversalis tend to be overwhelmed and shocked. This mental ordeal could last longer until some sort of counseling is provided.

Understand Alopecia Areata

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