Who gets Alopecia Areata

While the understanding on Alopecia Areata still remains limited, the major cause has been accepted as being an autoimmune disorder. This knowledge alone is insufficient to provide a guide to face Alopecia Areata. One main factor that could enlighten the search for facts about this disease is information on who gets affected by Alopecia Areata. This fact will prove to be a better guide since it will give an insight as to why this autoimmune disorder affects a certain group of people or mammals. These critical information could be in the form of body chemistry, physiology, psychology and even habits or characters. Furthermore these various body and mind conditions of the group with Alopecia Areata could narrow down the possibilities and provide a clue to the factor that mainly causes this medical condition.

"After 3 weeks of treatment the second patch is now filled with new hair, while the first patch has became smaller with new hair growing around it. Thank you so much, its brought a new hope in my child's confidence."

Chris, New Jersey

However as to date, not much of discoveries have been made into this factor. Patients that have Alopecia Areata still had not revealed any sort of patterns that can be marrwed down as a basis for further investigation and research. Common, among humans, Alopecia areata affects people from all walks of life. The patients origin does not provide similar pattern, as people from all over the world gets affected by this highly unpredictable autoimmune disease. There has been statistics (collected by various agencies) which revealed some common grounds including:

1. 19 out of 1000 (or 1.9%) people experience Alopecia Areata by the age of 50 years.

2. More than 50% of people with this medical disorder had developed before age of 20 years.

However these data proves to be little help in shedding more light on Alopecia Areata. Alopecia Areata in men have been the highest number that is noticed visually. Since men are more likely to have short hair styles, this condition becomes physically obvious even from a distance. This is provided that the spot is large enough. The other reason might be due to the attitude of not being very particular that makes men not committed to hide the bald spots. This might be another attribute that contributed to the higher number.

Alopecia Areata in women however might not be very obvious. Since most women wear long hair style it could help them hide the bald spots. Being less noticeable to public eye does not mean that women bear less chance of being affected by this medical disorder. In fact the character of being self an beauty conscious has made women one of the highly affected group. Some reported cases had been closely related to extensive hair styling which places women among those highly exposed to this condition. Some women become so obsessed with it that they apprehend themselves from appearing in any public places. Sometimes this extents to their own families and friends.

Alopecia Areata in children are among the most common. As written earlier still no clear hypothesis can be made for this condition. Children, as we know it, should be those subjected to the least amount of stress. However this group are occupying a high number in the statistics of having this autoimmune disease. Many parents even fear that they might have contributed genetically to this medical disorder. Although the chances of an individual getting Alopecia Areata is higher when hereditary factor is included, otherwise it has nothing to do with any other serious inherited diseases.

Refering this condition in relations to mammals Alopecia Areata in Dogs is another incidence. Yet again it could be due to the animal being one of the most popular pets and is subjected to frequent medical check ups. The same applies to Alopecia Areata in Cats. These two mammals record high number in the occurance of this autoimmune disorder in the animal kingdom. Since their close proximity with human the condition had been reported. However, this does not mean that no other animals experience this condition. Few other cases would include, Alopecia Areata in rabbits, gerbiles, hamsters and mice.

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